Mormons join Holi colour festival in US

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Tens of thousands of people have gathered at a Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork for the start of an annual two-day festival of colours in the US state of Utah.


Revellers danced to music, practised yoga and threw coloured corn flour in the air once every hour during the all-day Holi Festival of Colours.

The large majority of participants are not Hindus, but Mormons, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Thousands of students from nearby Brigham Young University take part in the festival, which is expected to draw 70,000 people.

The event stems from a Hindu tradition celebrating the end of winter and the triumph of good over evil.

“It’s an opportunity for young LDS (Mormon) kids to come and celebrate their spirituality without alcohol or drugs,” said Caru Das, the temple’s priest.

Das said the event feels more like a rock concert than a religious ceremony, particularly with live music.

He appeared frequently on stage, exhorting crowd members to give hugs to strangers and not to think of themselves as ordinary.

“Each and every one of you is lovely and brilliant. No exceptions,” he said.

“This festival is to remind you who you are.”

The festival gives participants a chance to gain exposure to Hindu chants and beliefs while plastering others with dust of many vibrant colours that costs $US3 ($A3.25) per bag or $US12 for five bags.

The hourly throwing of rainbow-hued corn flour leaves participants drenched in colour.

“It’s a place for your inner child to come out,” Robynn Kirkham, a Pleasant Grove accountant who runs a construction company, told The Tribune.

Ranjan Khurana and his wife, Anu, came from Boise, Idaho, because friends in the Spanish Fork Hindu congregation raved about how electrifying the event has become.

“It’s vibrant, and everybody is just so cheerful,” Anu Khurana said. “It’s a blessing that so many people are here celebrating the colours.”

Student Haylee Buchanan said she has attended the event with friends and likened it to a big party.

“I wish that I could have read information on why and what they are celebrating,” she said, “because it was fascinating.”

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